Mirza & Nacey Research Ltd

Also trading as The Fees Bureau




Privacy Policy


Key information:

  • We only use your personal data for the purpose for which you provided it.

  • We never share your personal survey response data with an external party, unless required to do so by law.

  • We only share your personal contact data (email address) with external parties where you have specifically given us permission to do so, eg agreeing to receive newsletters for a named client organisation, or if we are required to do so by law. 

  • You can always get in touch to ask us what personal data we hold and to correct and update your data if anything changes.

Company information

Mirza & Nacey Research Ltd is a company registered in England & Wales

Company registration number: 04618115


Contact details:

Address:  Southdown House, Ford Lane, Ford, Arundel West Sussex  BN18 0DE

Telephone: 01243 555302

Website: www.mirza-nacey.com and www.feesbureau.co.uk

Email:  info@mirza-nacey.com


Data Protection Registration

The Data Protection officer is Vince Nacey, Director.


Mirza & Nacey Research Ltd is registered with the Data Protection Registrar.

Registration number Z8335510.

The annual registration currently expires on 21 December 2020.

What Personal data we hold


Contact data of individuals who are in the process of being contacted to take part in future surveys – email addresses and names. These contacts are for current surveys only, and will have been provided to us by our client specifically for the purposes of contacting, on the client’s behalf, to invite to participate in the survey.


Contact data of individuals who have opted in and agreed to take part in future surveys – email addresses and names.


Contact data of individuals and companies who have purchased our products and services – email addresses, names and full postal addresses.


Contact data of individuals who have registered to receive services or have registered to use our subscription website – email addresses and names.


Survey data – earnings, age, gender, opinions etc. This data is held anonymously.


How personal data is collected


Contact information – names, addresses, email addresses are supplied by our client for the specific purposes of inviting contacts to participate in a specific survey.


Contact information – names, addresses, email addresses are supplied by the individual when purchasing our products or services


Contact information – names, email addresses, are supplied by the individual when registering to access our services including website subscriptions


Contact information – names, email addresses, are supplied by the individual when positively opting in to agree to participate in future surveys.


Personal data – including demographic details, financial information, opinions – is collected from those who participate in our surveys. Respondents knowingly participate. Data held is associated with an identifier. This identifier code does not contain any identifying material.


Security of data

All personal data is held securely and confidentially. The survey response data is held along with an identifier as an Excel worksheet or Access database. This is held securely on a PC and backed up on an external hard drive or cloud account. The file may also be held on a cloud file. In all cases, access to the PC, external hard drive or cloud account are password protected.


Length of time the data is held

All survey contact data is held for the duration of its use and no longer. This is usually a period of no more than 6 months. All our surveys give respondents the opportunity to stop being contacted. For ongoing surveys a contact would be marked as "do not contact" so we do not add them to our database at a later date.


Email addresses which have been given by survey respondents who have ‘opted in’ to future surveys are held continuously.


Email addresses of individuals who have asked not to be contacted in future are held continuously, so we can ensure these individuals are never contacted by us again.


Anyone can request for their email address to be removed from our systems, and we will action this request within 30 days.

Sharing personal information with others

No individual or identifiable survey data are shared with any other organisation. Only aggregated statistical data is shared. No personal survey data will be released at any time – including to the client.

Email addresses are only shared when these are collected specifically on behalf of a client organisation, within a survey clearly branded with that organisation’s identity. There will be a specific statement of consent, and the identity of the client will be clearly visible. When data is so collected, the email addresses are passed on to the client organisation as an excel file with no other information. The email addresses so collected are never used by Mirza & Nacey Research Ltd / The Fees Bureau.

Privacy Notice

Our surveys include a privacy statement at the start of the questionnaire and invites respondents to participate.


Requests for personal data

Any survey respondent can ask us what personal data we hold, and we will provide this data back to the respondent. This data will be information which has been provided by that respondent as a response to one of our surveys. We will provide this data back in the form of a pdf or other suitable format. We will only provide this information to the email address associated with the survey respondent, we will not provide this information to someone with a different email address.


Anyone can ask us what personal contact data we hold, and we will provide this data back to the individual.



Requests to delete personal data

Anyone can ask us to delete the personal data we hold and we will undertake this deletion within 30 days of the request.



How to withdraw your consent

You can withdraw your consent at any time. Please contact us if you want to do so, by emailing vince@mirza-nacey.com  If you withdraw your consent, we may not be able to provide certain products or services to you, if this is the case we will tell you.


When we contact individuals to invite them to participate in a survey, we always offer an ‘unsubscribe’ function.



How to complain

Please contact us if you are unhappy about how we have used your personal information, by emailing vince@mirza-nacey.com  You also have the  right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office https://ico.org.uk/   or the EU Data Protection Agency https://ec.europa.eu/commission/priorities/justice-and-fundamental-rights/data-protection/2018-reform-eu-data-protection-rules_en full details of how to complain are to be found on their respective websites.


You can view our data policy here: www.feesbureau.co.uk/data-policy


If you have any questions please contact us by emailing vince@mirza-nacey.com