Original Surveys

We are adept at designing sound survey methodologies. Over the past twenty five years, we've been given some challenging demands and it's only been through creative thinking that we've developed novel approaches to delivering statistically robust surveys.

Much of our work is conducting our own surveys amongst architects, engineers and surveyors. We gather data about fees charged for different types of work, asking hundreds of consultants to regularly complete one of our surveys. The data is then analysed once a year and turned into the Fees Survey publications and online services we offer through The Fees Bureau.

We undertake the annual Architects' Earnings Survey, in association with the RIBA and the RIAS. This is a major undertaking, and involves getting responses from several thousand architects. Data is then broken down into as much detail as possible. We've been undertaking this survey since the 1980s. 

We work with private practices and commercial companies to undertake surveys including client surveys, market research and perception studies. Please contact us if you are considering something similar; we are happy to talk through ideas and suggest how we might help.

RIBA Client Survey