The RIBA called us in to help with the analysis of data they had collected through a new client survey. Whilst we hadn't been involved in designing the questionnaire, we developed a system to analyse and measure the statistics obtained. We structured and compiled the full report, which included several dozen charts and tables.

RIBA Working with Architects Survey

Conducted from May to July 2016, the survey received responses from 958 clients. Roughly a third were private domestic clients, a third were contractors and a third were commercial clients.


It asked clients how satisfied they were with various aspects of the service they received from designers on an actual project. The vast majority used Registered Architects, most of whom were also RIBA members.


The satisfaction measures were rated on a five-point scale from ‘very satisfied’ to ‘very dissatisfied’. Questions sought ratings about both the completed building and the designers’ process management. Overall scores measured general level of satisfaction, value for money, and asked whether the clients were likely to use architects again given their experience.

Data was analysed during the summer of 2016 and the report published in November 2016.

To view the 2016 Executive Summary please click here (external link).