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Construction Futures

Construction Futures monitors the UK construction industry's early warning system: architects' workload. You can access these vital statistics with 25 per cent off  the usual price of £295 plus VAT for a year's subscription of four issues - that's £221.25 a year (plus VAT)


Throughout the country - in construction clients' offices and architects' studios, on drawing boards and CAD screens - the future is happening now. Architects are mapping out the building projects that will go public over the coming months, and take shape on site in the year ahead.


Construction Futures will give you a clear lead on the emerging trends.

  • Where are developers putting their money?

  • Which sectors are showing signs of growth, or decline?

  • What patterns are emerging in the different UK regions?

Four times a year, Construction Futures tracks the trends through clear, at-a-glance graphics, and provides a concise analysis of the statistical data.


Each building sector is examined in detail to identify:

  • value of new work in the pipeline

  • new build / refurbishment split

  • types of jobs

  • regional distribution of work

  • types of building contract used


The survey, conducted every three months amongst one in four architectural firms, was originally commissioned by the Royal Institute of British Architects and is now carried out independently by Mirza & Nacey Research.

Construction Futures

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