Architects Practice Ownership

This title explores the major issues involved in owning an architectural practice. There's an analysis of owners' valuations of their practices which shows the relationship between valuation, turnover and profits. And there's data on mergers, acquisitions, and disposals. Essential information for those contemplating succession planning.


Plus: earnings data for Principals; income received by retired architects; information about ownership structures; fee earnings and profits; conflicts in practice ownership.


The analysis shows:

Valuation - how many practices know their value, who calculates it, methods of valuation

Acquisitions & mergers - level of activity, agreeing a value, difficulties encountered

Financial data - turnover, profits

Principals’ remuneration analysed by practice size, formation type, length of practice ownership

Practice profiles - age of practice, length of ownership, type of legal entity, how many people own shares, Boards of Directors, sources of conflict

Disposing of a practice - methods, values, difficulties

Retirement - how architects actually disposed of their practice, how valuations were achieved, income in retirement




As well as the print edition you can access the ownership data as a Digital Edition. 

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Architects Practice Ownership


Section 1:  Survey Background


How ownership data is collected

Respondent profile

Notes and Definitions

Section 2:  Who are Owners?

The legal form of ownership

Who owns architectural practices

How owners acquired their share

Length of ownership

Section 3:  Ownership & Management

Board of Directors

Sources of conflict

Section 4:  Principals’ Remuneration

Average Earnings

Section 5:  Valuation

Valuation overview

How many practices know their value

Methods of valuing

Average valuations

Relationship between value, turnover and profit

Section 6:  Acquisitions, Mergers and Splits

Level of M&A activity

Why practices merge

Difficulties encountered

De-mergers and splits

Section 7:  Disposing of a Practice

Owners’ plans

How architects actually dispose

Values achieved at disposal

Section 8:  Retirement

Income in retirement