Architects Fees Minor Works

Minor Works edition is aimed at practices who undertake smaller jobs worth up to £250,000.


Information collection and analysis is as thorough as that for the main Architects Fees report; data is presented in the same easy to understand way. There’s a wealth of information about small jobs, the data covers fees charged in nearly forty different sectors, from pub refurbishments to house extensions; office fit-out to loft conversions.


Find out what average ‘going rates’ are currently being charged by private architectural practices. Following the same format as the main fees reports, Architects Fees - Minor Works includes both new build and refurbishment jobs. The information is presented using tables (hourly rates) and charts (fees).


Detailed charts show indicative fee rates for 39 detailed market sectors. These will help you when you set your own fees for a job; especially useful in fee competition.


Fee rates are analysed by:

● building type (new build or refurbishment) and

● contract type (traditional or design & build)


Hourly charge-out rates are analysed for eight different types of staff, by region and by size of practice. Average hourly rates data includes medians, lower and upper quartiles, for a variety of staff categories, analysed by region and size of practice.




As well as the print edition you can access the Fees Survey data in two other ways:


Digital Edition. Buy and download Architects Fees as a pdf, buy here

On-line Fees Calculator. Using the same data, The Fees Bureau Calculator tool allows you to explore the fees data and calculate average fees. Buy here or click here for a demonstration.


Architects Fees Minor Works



● Private Housing - new build and refurbishment

● Flats - refurbishment

● One-off house

● House extension

● House renovation/repair

● House alteration

● Loft conversion

● Barn conversion

● Domestic garage - new build

● Public Housing - new build and refurbishment

● Public Housing flats - refurbishment

● Special Needs Housing - refurbishment


● Industrial - new build and refurbishment

● Factory - new build/extension and refurbishment

● Warehousing new build

● Farm building alterations


● Offices - new build and refurbishment

● Office extension

● Office Fit-out


● Leisure - new build and refurbishment

● Sports - new build

● Hotel - refurbishment

● Hotel extension

● Hotel fit-out

● Pub/bar refurbishment

● Restaurant alterations or re-fit


● Shop - new build and refurbishment

● Shop fit-out

● Car showroom - refurbishment

Public/community sector

● Hospital - refurbishment

● Care home - new build and refurbishment

● Care homel - extension

● GP Surgery - new build and refurbishment

● School - refurbishment

● School - extension

● University buildings - refurbishment

● Student accommodation - refurbishment

● Church - refurbishment and repair

● Disabled access

● Community Centre - new build and refurbishment

● Listed building - alterations

● Farm building - alterations

Other Work

● Mixed development - refurbishment