The Veterinary Profession in Europe

The Federation of Veterinarians in Europe (FVE) asked us to conduct its first ever survey of Vets across Europe. We developed a survey methodology which would provide answers to the questions the FVE wanted to research. The approach required the active participation of all FVE member organisations, we were able to convince the FVE that this approach would work and, indeed, 24 of their Member Organisations participated fully in the survey. 

We developed, and convinced the FVE to use, an ambitious methodology to conduct this survey of Vets across Europe. We received a response from 13,000 vets working in 24 different countries. The survey was made available in 13 different languages. This required us to translate the questionnaire into 13 different languages, and ensure all responses were correctly coded in each language. The translations extended to guidance notes.

We worked with FVE Member Organisations in 24 different countries to help them encourage their individual vet members to support this project by completing the questionnaire. 

The research paints a picture of the profession, and provides a host of information at both the European level and at country level.

First survey report published April 2015.


Results: To see the full report, please click here (external link)