Fees and Business Data for Architects 

We've been working with architects for more than 30 years. Our original surveys amongst the profession have become standard references for benchmarking fees, salaries and other metrics.

We specialise in providing business information, which is clearly presented, accessible and continuously updated.


Architects Fees

NEW FOR 2021

The Fees Bureau Calculator has been fully revised and improved. Now you can calculate the resource costs and see how that compares with other architects' average fees. And, for the first time, The Fees Bureau Calculator includes access to the full report.

3 ways to access the fees data: 


Architects Earnings

Architects Financial Performance

Benchmark your performance; how do you compare with others on a range of measures including fee revenues, profits, costs and staffing? This report will show you how much practices similar to your are earning. Plus there's data on the architectural market, type of job received, market sectors and staffing ratios.

Architects Practice Ownership

This title explores the major issues involved in owning an architectural practices. How architects value a practice, the relationship between valuation, turnover and profits. And there's data on mergers, acquisitions and disposals. Plus: earnings data for Principals; income received by retired architects; information about ownership structure, fee earnings and profits; and conflicts in practice ownership.

Architects Markets

2022 edition coming September
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