2013 Earnings Survey - Overview

Earnings have fallen - but unemployment has fallen by more. Could we be at a turning point?


This year’s Architects’ Earnings Survey shows:

  • average earnings have fallen by 3 per cent, wiping out the 2012 rise of 3 per cent.

  • largest fall has been in the earnings of Sole Principals - down by 8 per cent. One quarter of Sole Principals are earning less than £18,500 pa.

  • salaried architects in private practice saw average earnings fall by 1.3%, Principals in Partnership record no change

  • average earnings for architects overall are £40,000

  • reported unemployment has fallen to 2 per cent, and not working for other reasons is now 3 per cent - both lower than in recent years

  • the fall in reported unemployment may explain the fall in average earnings, in particular the fall in Sole Principals’ earnings

Chart:  Architects’ average earnings by field of employment, 2013 compared with 2012


The 2013 Earnings Survey is based on data collected from over 1,600 individual architects across all regions of the UK and all types and sizes of organisation. The full report Architects Earnings shows how long-term trends in both earnings and employment have been developing over the years, together with a full analysis of the earnings and fringe benefits for ten different categories of architect, in eight regions of the UK. This year’s data refers to 1st April 2013.

CHART:  Trends in architects’ average earnings 2005-2013, compared with inflation

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